It’s been a tough couple of weeks. I’ve been doing a lot of photography but not finding much inspiration for words. The dragging tail of Winter 2010 revisited us for a while at about the same time I had a flare up of pain in my feet. I had restarted my morning walks after a couple of months sporadic off and on, then couldn’t walk comfortably. Yuck.

But this past week and some Spring has definitely come to roost. The flowers in the neighborhood are blooming or beginning to bloom. Every Spring I find myself shooting a couple dozen or so flower pictures … quite without conscious intent, it often seems. So I’m always delighted when I find these compositions and treatments. 


Then my friendly acupressure therapist was in town for a week and I had a great visit with her. I don’t understand acupressure or acupuncture … all I can say is that it works. My feet feel good, my walking is back to normal. Yay! 

And on the walk just the other morning, these tulips grabbed my attention … 

If you can’t see a small slide show above this line, you’re not flash enabled. Visit the set on if you care to: see “Five Tulips”

So it’s “fits and starts” for several weeks. There are several new sets to wander through on, if you chance to want to. A morning at the Japanese Friendship Garden in San Jose, another morning at the Farmers Market in Mountain View, and yet another collection of snaps having fun with the local chapter of the Strobist madness here in Mountain View. All fun, all good times. 

Another rite of Spring … 

Yes, I actually have been working on my website. I’ve begun to list short articles dealing with commonly asked questions as downloadable, printable PDF files … some of you have probably seen the prototype page already as I’ve given it as a specific link in answer to some questions. Well, it’s official now: I’ve updated the front page and other pages of my website to list the articles offerings, so stop by and take a look … the link is on the front page now:

Other changes in the website have been moving into place behind the scenes … there’ll be new content and new pages very soon. Stay tuned! 

No deep thoughts right now. Sometimes, that’s good, eh? 

Photography Workshops Update 

Time is getting short!

If you’d like to join me in a Media Center workshop next weekend, now’s the time to sign up. 
I still have seats left for those who would like to participate. 

April 24-25 :: Creating B&W Photographs: A Digital Approach

A two-day, hands-on workshop exploring the creation and rendering of black and white photographs using digital tools. The workshop will encompass using both Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom in this free-form discussion with lots of hands-on time. You are required to bring your camera, your laptop computer with Photoshop and/or Lightroom, and your photos to work with. No prerequisite classes are required. 

Offered at the Media Center
900 San Antonio Road, Palo Alto, California, USA

For more information and registration see the website 

Or call Dave Sorokach (650-494-8686) at the Media Center.

Or email me directly..

I’d love to see you there!