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On one of the camera equipment forums someone said: 

“… good photography is more than a checklist of criteria- and that’s where my challenge begins:

I want you to post 1 (one) photo. One of your m4/3 images that you’ve always liked. Maybe it didn’t get the reaction you wanted, but you like it because it’s different- outside of the norm. It doesn’t adhere to the rules of “good” photography. … “

I thought this was a lovely idea And some fun photos were posted in response. So I picked a photo and posted it … 


It was fun to pick one photo, but of course it wasn’t really satisfying enough. I found about three dozen that I thought might be worth working on. I picked nine out of that and have posted them to a new set on Flickr … you’re welcome to enjoy them. 

BTW: I never think about rules when I’m making photographs. I just make photographs that appeal to my eye. So I’m not entirely sure what rules I’m breaking … 

Maybe you can tell me? 
Continuing my exploration and learning the neighborhood in my new home, the City of Santa Clara, California.

The other morning I hopped in the car and drove the mile and a half to visit the Santa Clara Mission Cemetary. I’d seen the signs when driving by the previous day and been a little perplexed: they listed a closing time for the park but no opening time. I still don’t know officially when they open the gates, but they were open at 7:10am … good enough. 

I didn’t really know what to expect of the light and as it turned out I was a bit too late: the sun was too high. I’d dropped the 50mm lens into the bag and decided to do some shooting anyway, concentrating on details and areas where the sun was not a glare. 

I’ll be going back soon. 

So along comes today and the light is beautiful: overcast and soft. I wanted to walk and had mapped out a comfortable circuit. It turned out to be a great walk! 

This photo is pretty special. It shows a Craftsman house built in 1910 in the city center neighborhood. I was admiring this classic, beautiful home (marked with the plate on the left as a city historic) when the owner stepped out to ask if I was taking a photograph. We had a pleasant chat at the end of which she granted me permission to make her portrait with the house as background. A lovely person, a beautiful home, a great neighborhood to walk in.

A few moments later in my walk there is a monastery with two quiet groves of olive trees and a beautiful chapel. Needless to say, I plan to be spending some time there soon.

So much to see, so much to learn about this area … 

I posted several more photos to the flickr stream this week: if you care to take a peek. 
Michelin Sunrise

First morning walk at the new place. I walked in the direction of the main street, a six to eight lane local highway, and meandered along it for a while. Lots of old-timey small businesses. Passed the civic center park and reflecting ponds with their signs broadcasting “Feeding The Animals Is Prohibited In A Public Place”. hmm. 


The sun rose orange and warm in front of me. Bibendum skated on his slatted field of white at the tire place. No cafe to stop at in this direction: I turned around and walked back via a quiet side street. Sat in the park for a while reading a book and watching the pigeons. 

Ducks in the pond. Pigeons on the edges of the pond. All of a sudden the ducks would all rise together out of the water, fly around in a loop, return to the pond. Then the pigeons do the same thing. 

Lots to see, my eyes are still overwhelmed by the newness of it all. 

These things take a while.