Archives for the month of: March, 2012

It was a chilly, and wet, weekend. My Saturday morning walk through Guadalupe River Park was a meander, as I had a friend walking with me. It’s difficult to concentrate on seeing when there is someone who wants to talk nearby. 


Near and far, far and near. My vision would not settle although the light was beautiful. I wanted the longer lens, then I wanted the macro lens. Had only the one with me; it was enough. 

The whole weekend was caught in this slow oscillation between tick and tock. A few more photos will surface. Later in the week. 

It goes like this sometimes. Focus returns at its own whim. 

– Godfrey


The other evening I watched a short documentary piece on the news. One of their most respected reporters visited the site of the nuclear reactor melt-down in Japan last year. On March 11. 

And I realized that a whole year had gone past since I updated this blog. So much has happened in the past year, in the life of the world, in my own life, that there is no way to attempt to recount it all here. 

But a year gone by … it is time now to move beyond it, to consider the blossoming of this Spring. Without forgetting the suffering that such a minor hiccup for the planet caused for so many people, but respecting it and accepting the message it provides. Dwelling in the past is a dangerous thing. We must always move forwards. 

I make plans for the future. I’ve decided on a weekly update here, for Sunday mornings, as appropriate for the time I have to work with at present. And each week I’ll hilight one photo per post here as always, with maybe a point to a gallery elsewhere occasionally. With thoughts and ideas accompanying as always. 

– Godfrey