The photographs we make are moments in Time strung along the threads of our lives. With them, we can travel back through Time as much as we want and bring the moments back to the present. They visit us in the Present, we journey back to them. Which way is it, really?

Minox IIIS, film and developer unknown
8×11 mm original negative

I’ve been involved for the past several days in scanning and archiving my entire library of processed Minox 8×11 film negatives. Fifty rolls of 25 to 40 exposures made in the period between 1996 and 2002. 2000 photographs. That’s a lot of moments. 

There are some gems in that library. So far, what I have are all proof-quality: scanned through the film holder sleeves with a flatbed scanner … where when I get them all cataloged and indexed, I’ll sort and find a suitable selection for high resolution capture with the L1/Macro lens setup. 

But this one was just too neat to keep to myself … I’ll do a high-resolution capture later. 

So you’ve likely noticed that I have been absent for a bit, I’m sure. Intentional, in part. I took an enforced break from the blog, trying to sort out my thoughts about where to go with it. And with lots of other things going on off-line from photography too right at the present. 

Hopefully I’ll get a little more consistent with a weekly or bi-weekly post soon again. No promises. 

But stay tuned … 🙂