It seems to take forever for me to present a new photo right now. My mind and time are fully engaged … in work, in my upcoming book, in social involvements, and on and on it goes. When I spied this photo of a pup patiently waiting for his master to return, in a set of photos I made during a street walk in San Francisco circa June 2007, I said to myself, “Hmm. It’s about time I put that photo out there for others to enjoy.”

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A little patience and a lot of work along the way: things start getting done. At work, I’ve made it through our big annual conference and two of the three assignments I’ve been working on are done, the third is on the way now. 

The photo book workshop I participated in at Stanford U just completed its last session too … And the book project I chose to work on is now nearly done! I had fears for a little while there that I just would not find the time to finish it, but a few late afternoon and late night sessions came to the rescue. 

A more formal announcement is coming very soon but the book is titled Ways Together and is based on the Communicating series of cafe/street photos I’ve been posting since 2010. It’s so good to see this work finally come together as a piece! It will become available for purchase next month in both hard cover and paperback editions. A reception and book signing is scheduled at ModernBook Gallery in San Francisco on Thursday, August 2 from 5:30 to 7:30; of course, I’ll have a limited number of copies on hand for sale at the event too. You’re all invited to join me and my classmates in celebrating our books. 

And our little canine friend? Well, I seem to recall his master returned before I left the scene. He jumped up, greeted her gladly, and they took off into the city for their next destination a few moments later. Patience is necessary, and often rewarded.

– Godfrey