The simple scene, a pleasure to photograph.


Walking down Main Street, I spied some tables and chairs haphazardly sitting on the sidewalk next to a cafe off-side wall. Their positions suggested to me that several people had been there, enjoyed some coffee and snack, talked for a while, and departed leaving them askew. The curious thing was that it had been chill and raining lightly for a bit prior to my seeing them and it seemed that the cafe goers had only just left. I touched one of the chairs and the seat was still warm. Who sits out on the sidewalk in the rain, with friends, sipping coffee? 

I made about a dozen exposures of the group of chairs and tables … but this one, just one chair with its graceful curves and elegant starkness against the rough backdrop of the wall, a scattering of leaves blown to its feet since the people have departed, has so far struck me as the best of the set. I did debate whether I wanted the framing to be square or rectangular … I tried both, rectangular has won for the present. It’s a close thing. 

The chair looked inviting … I went inside, bought a cup of coffee, and sat in it for a few minutes until I’d finished drinking. Rain drizzled again for a few minutes. Warm coffee against the cool, moist air, my hat keeping it out of my eyes.

It was a comfortable chair.