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Airplane #1

Celebrating Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day!
April 28, 2013

Driving around the United States in late November of 2006, I was heading south through Virginia to visit my old friend and mentor in North Carolina again. At a roadside stop, I pulled out the cameras and made a few exposures.


That was a trip. I plunged across the north going East from California to New York, visiting overnight with friends in Colorado, stopping to briefly say hello to another friend in Chicago. I stayed in New York for a week and some to visit family for Thanksgiving holiday. Then rolled South, then Westwards. I visited New Orleans a year after Katrina, meeting with another friend whom I’d known for a decade or more but never met in person. I stopped to visit a friend in Texas, stayed a night in Roswell, New Mexico and visited my uncle in Albuquerque. Then overnight in Arizona with my partner’s sister and finally back home. What was that Indian saying? All true journeys are great circles.” 

To a wanderer at heart, the open road is home.