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The book is done, pre-orders for signed copies have been brisk. And of course, my mind is already moving forwards, further along. Art happens now, in the moment; exhibition and presentation always happens in the past. Art is always abandoned, never finished. New work leaps out of somewhere I cannot know. New things surface to my eyes, the next book project is already on the table. It is carrying a working title of The Drum … 

But the book signing and reception is coming up next week! 


Ways Together

Come to the reception and book-signing!

ModernBook Gallery
49 Geary Ave, San Francisco, CA
August 2nd, 5:30-7:30 pm

I’ll be taking pre-orders until Thursday, write me at for details. 

I hope to see you at ModernBook Gallery … ! 

– Godfrey
Workshop done last night. Quiet, calmness, a day to relax and reflect. I took a ride to Palo Alto after lunch and visited friends at the gallery. I sat at a sidewalk cafe and had an ice cream. The world looks different again. 


Thinking of the past three days task … to motivate a group of people in helping see the essence of Photoshop, one of the largest and most complex applications in common usage. To try to reduce it to an approachable, comprehendible thing that one could learn, could be motivated to learn. It’s a big task. Nine hours was not enough. Yet when that conversion from complexity to simplicity happens, it happens instantly. 

I was poking around in the equipment forums on-line and a dialog arose around the nature of what is “goodness” in the context of a camera … does a camera have ‘soul’ that influences the act of doing photography? that motivates the pursuit of photography? And a similar set of thoughts sprang from my head. I thought I’d put them here so as to have them to meditate on in the future. 

me > “The Muse, the soul, the emotion comes from the photography. Not the equipment.”

other > “could you expand on how you think the soul comes from the photography? Could the camera be an extension of the photographer creating through the act of photography? Doesn’t the camera influence the creative process at all?”

me > “To me as photographer, the best praise I can give to any camera is “The camera does not get in my way.” The camera that disappears from my consciousness fastest is the best camera. It’s the one where the controls are simple and explicit – fall to my fingers and work as I think they ought to work – where the the viewfinder is clear and unobstructed, and that I neither cherish like a Stradivarius or dance with like a lover. It should be there simply as an extension of my eye and mind, enabling me to capture what I want, when I want it. 

The soul comes from the Photography … I am interested in the expression of gesture, emotion, the contrasts and juxtapositions of things; in the telling of story and perceptions of the world. What tools I use to do that have changed many times over the years … When I’m doing photography, I want to be spending most of my time looking and seeing, not working the camera’s controls. Change has come to my Photography too, but the Photography changes in tempo with the growth, maturation and collapse of concepts/ideas/observations in my head and in the passing of my life, and in my relationship to events in the world surrounding me. Camera technology changes with the movement of the industry through the technology and the economy. Essentially, Photography and Camera Equipment are two utterly separate things. Their relationship to each other is purely that of wood to hammer, nail, file, saw and glue. “

The understanding and skill in use of image processing tools is related to the execution of vision in the same way. With information, comprehension, technique and practice, the other thing … that art which is Photography …can surface. They are separate things entirely, but related in the same way: as wood to hammer, nail, file, saw and glue.

Yeah, I need my head to quiet down.
I flipped open the Tao te Ching this morning, thinking of what thoughts to offer to my Photoshop workshop students as we close this evening, and as usual it responded with a thoughtful verse … I am honored to quote a sentient book. 


Verse 36

Contraction pulls at that 
   which extends too far

Weakness pulls at that
   which strengthens too much

Ruin pulls at that 
   which rises too high

Loss pulls at life
   when you fill it with too much stuff

– Tao te Ching by Lao Tzu, translation by Jonathan Star

So much going on of late, every day this week I’m all revved up and my head won’t let go. Sleep is elusive and fitful.

from the flickr set “Emergence”

On a very early morning walk last December, I got into watching these bits of flotsam and jetsam as the wind alternatively let them rest and then tossed them around. Their sometimes bright colors, the more usual muted ones, took up position against the backdrop of the murky pavement in curious ways, as if they were trying to tell me things. Expressions of the wind…

This photo came to mind now, in this early morning, as I was asleep and suddenly awoke with a dream that something was hanging over me, slowly turning in the strange light of a red sunrise. It wasn’t frightening: it was kind of distant and peaceful, beautiful, and it made a sound that I remember from nights when I traveled by motorcycle across the US and slept in rest stops in a tent made by draping a tarp from motorcycle to picnic table. A quiet rushing sound, the sparse traffic moving on the highway a few dozen feet away, and light catching branches and bits of the motorcycle looming over me. 

Why did Thomas Wolfe’s Look Homeward, Angel just pop into mind? 

Back to bed.