Continuing my exploration and learning the neighborhood in my new home, the City of Santa Clara, California.

The other morning I hopped in the car and drove the mile and a half to visit the Santa Clara Mission Cemetary. I’d seen the signs when driving by the previous day and been a little perplexed: they listed a closing time for the park but no opening time. I still don’t know officially when they open the gates, but they were open at 7:10am … good enough. 

I didn’t really know what to expect of the light and as it turned out I was a bit too late: the sun was too high. I’d dropped the 50mm lens into the bag and decided to do some shooting anyway, concentrating on details and areas where the sun was not a glare. 

I’ll be going back soon. 

So along comes today and the light is beautiful: overcast and soft. I wanted to walk and had mapped out a comfortable circuit. It turned out to be a great walk! 

This photo is pretty special. It shows a Craftsman house built in 1910 in the city center neighborhood. I was admiring this classic, beautiful home (marked with the plate on the left as a city historic) when the owner stepped out to ask if I was taking a photograph. We had a pleasant chat at the end of which she granted me permission to make her portrait with the house as background. A lovely person, a beautiful home, a great neighborhood to walk in.

A few moments later in my walk there is a monastery with two quiet groves of olive trees and a beautiful chapel. Needless to say, I plan to be spending some time there soon.

So much to see, so much to learn about this area … 

I posted several more photos to the flickr stream this week: if you care to take a peek.