Michelin Sunrise

First morning walk at the new place. I walked in the direction of the main street, a six to eight lane local highway, and meandered along it for a while. Lots of old-timey small businesses. Passed the civic center park and reflecting ponds with their signs broadcasting “Feeding The Animals Is Prohibited In A Public Place”. hmm. 


The sun rose orange and warm in front of me. Bibendum skated on his slatted field of white at the tire place. No cafe to stop at in this direction: I turned around and walked back via a quiet side street. Sat in the park for a while reading a book and watching the pigeons. 

Ducks in the pond. Pigeons on the edges of the pond. All of a sudden the ducks would all rise together out of the water, fly around in a loop, return to the pond. Then the pigeons do the same thing. 

Lots to see, my eyes are still overwhelmed by the newness of it all. 

These things take a while.