I haven’t posted much for a while.

I’ve been busy. 
I’m preparing to move soon.
I’ve been dealing with a painful foot.
They’ve paved my street with the tar stripes.
I’ve been distracted due to business. 
It’s been too warm.
It’s been too cool.
I’ve been tired.
It’s too early.
I’ve got too much to do.
I haven’t had the time

All these things get in the way. They chatter in the mind, noisy ghosts that whine and nag.

It’s so easy to get stuck when you lose the silence of your thoughts. I must let fewer things get in the way. 

This morning I rose at 5:30. I quieted all my thoughts, picked up my book and camera, went for my walk. It was cool, but not too cool. There were few people out on the street walking, it was quiet. The air was soft, the coffee at the cafe down the street warm. It felt good. I made a few photos I liked. 


As I sat in the cafe reading my book and enjoying the quiet, the cloud cover broke and the light turned exquisite. The empty table and chairs, the pulls for the window shade, all turned beautiful in the soft light and shadow. 

I posted five photos to my flickr.com stream today: 


And I put four of these photos into a quiet fragment of an idea that I’ve been working on, a video presentation.  


Please visit and enjoy.