On my walks in morning light, the air is cool and crisp even in high summer. But lately it’s been cool here, even in the middle of the day, and the light is delicate and beautiful during the time of the walk with a gentle fog and soft light everywhere. 

As I walk I come across these fragments of things, an unknown language of debris and wind, spelling out unknown messages I recognize but cannot translate across the pavement surfaces. 


Memory flits through my head: a novel wherein a sentient computer seeks a way to express its sentience: it made boxes, art pieces of ineluctable beauty composed of a bit of string, a piece of bone, ephemera. Poised and self-contained yet yearning and full of emotion. Captivating notions. One of the Neuromancer series, perhaps? perhaps.

The past week and some has been a relentless push to reach a point of departure. Many levels. And then this photo from my archives of recent work leapt out at me. Multi-layered mental states, separation crossing space, the pieces of twig and leaf, lines crossing a divide. A gesture, unbidden, on the ground plays out its music, an eye captures the song. Sentience or Chance? I cannot say. 

Tomorrow I head south, an overnight in San Simeon to see the famous castle, once again in Mexico. After which trains from there to here again. It will be a fine adventure. 

This metaphor breathes quietly in my thoughts.