Often, as I traveled on business in the 1990s and early 2000s, I would find myself with an afternoon free, a weekend free … Time free from all other commitments in places that I could not ordinarily afford to be on my own dime. These are ideal times to exploit, to practice looking and seeing (note, they’re two separate skills!), to practice photographing the moments of the unforeseen. 


This photograph was granted an “Honorable Mention” in Session 3 of the
Minox Historical Society 2010 Photo Competition. 

The MHS 2010 Photo Competition Sessions 1, 2 and 3 have surfaced a lot of really nice Minox photos! Check them out on the MHS blog: use the link on the MHS web page at 

I do remember that day well: it was a chilly afternoon, I’d visited Museo D’Orsay and Notre Dame, was heading back towards my hotel. I had the Minox C in my pocket and made a number of exposures while I was walking along, contemplating where I’d been, where I was, and what was next to come. 1998 seems not so very long ago. 

Looking forward to some travel again soon. I and my partner head down to San Simeon at the end of the month to visit the Hearst castle. And then to Tijuana for a brief visit afterwards. I’ve just booked my ticket home in the first week of August … I decided to take an excursion so I’m zig-zagging from San Diego to Los Angeles, to Bakersfield, to Stockton, and thence home by train. It should be an interesting trip, I’ve never done a train excursion through California

Pondering where I’d been, where I am, and what is next to come, I’m sure. Camera will be in hand, as always.