I had an informal portfolio review last week, showed three small sets of two themes of work I’ve been working on to a gallery –seeking just their opinions and advice as to whether where I was going made any sense at all. 

They were very encouraging and gave me great ideas, which spurred me to look at those works with fresh eyes. One recommendation was simply, “More. We need to see more.” So I’ve been plunging into the file archives to bring up more of the work and render it. 

And while I have been deeply engaged in that process, I happened across this photo I made in 2001. 


It’s one of my favorites from that year and an idea that I now want to revisit more intensely. The many layers of imagery and nuance in it that I see (and which might be invisible to anyone else with just one photo! … how do I know? 😉 resonate in my mind’s eye. I think I can do it more effectively now, and have to give it a try.

New Things … looking for feedback. 

I’ve been participating on photo forums for more than a decade and a half. I’ve haphazardly saved a tonne of the responses I made to questions over the years and have recently started editing them into short articles that I can copy and paste when the same questions arise. Saves a lot of time vs rewriting the same answers over and over again … So I’ve rolled a few of them into PDF files and posted them to a new prototype page on my website. 

If you have an interest, the page is at 

There are seven short articles there now. I’d be very interested if anyone takes a look and has any feedback to offer. Email me or leave a comment here. 

Thanks in advance!