It’s been dark and cold these mornings of Winter 2010. So easy not to go for a walk in the pre-dawn chill, to enjoy the warmth of staying in bed or even just hanging out in my comfy chair while reading a good book. So easy … listening to the news on radio and television speaking dark things about jobs and economies and war. It has been dark, and that has been getting under my skin too much. 


A recent daty, late in the afternoon, after a lot of time spent at the computer once again. I headed off to Mountain View for a walk and a cup. Sitting in the cafe and enjoying my drink, I saw them working on their computers. I had to refrain from chuckling as I pulled out the camera, switched lenses and snapped the shutter. Simply too many good nuances … I was afraid I’d miss it the shot if I did anything to distract them from their reveries. Every time I look at it, I smile again.

I’ve been out walking mornings since. Enough of dark and winter: time to think of brighter things.