A bit of a hiatus from blogging this past week and some. Combination of things put me off the track for a few days … I hurt my knee on a morning walk two Saturdays past, had to prep for a new workshop I taught this past weekend. Together these things robbed my attention from doing the blog posts briefly.

But they didn’t stop my working some photos by much … 


I remember this morning in the city of Anacortes, Washington. I was there for a workshop at the headquarters of Lenswork Publishing in October 2008. It was chilly out during the early morning and fog rolled in and out as I wandered for a couple of hours prior to the workshop start. 

The set of photos I made that week have remained on my laptop since so when I was prepping for the Digital B&W workshop this weekend, I figured it would be a good thing to use in demonstrating working methodology. This photo popped out at me in that process and I wondered why I hadn’t rendered it before, so I used it as an example of how to look at a scene and start the job. 

A few minor tweaks on my calibrated monitor on Monday, and I’m very pleased with the print. 

There are a couple other photos I rendered this past week, prepping for the B&W workshop, that you can view by visiting my flickr.com photostream. Use this link to get there quickly: 


My Workshop News

The digital B&W workshop this past weekend was terrific: had four participants sign up, lots of good material we went through and they produced a variety of good photos from the effort. I’ll be offering this workshop again. They were a great group to work with, I thank them for their participation. 

Next up I’ll be offering the Photoshop workshop again on February 20-21 … I’m refocusing it a little bit, it will be part one of the three part sequence … but I’ll let formal announcement go until the next blog post, hopefully in a day or three.