Every time I think I’m done with these ‘found art’ works, something catches my eye again. 


My Prius has turned 50. 50,000 miles that is … Bought in August of 2006, it’s carried me around the entire USA from California to New York to Louisiana and Texas, home again, then to Anacortes in Washington, back and forth to Monterey, Hollister, San Francisco… everywhere. I had a small contretemps with another car at an intersection last year, but it has survived that with no scars. It’s carried five of use to events, it’s carried loads of my junk from one place to another. In all these miles it’s run perfectly, flawlessly, and economically. 

Not that this is unreasonable to expect in this postmodern era of the automobile. I can hardly imagine any car not doing this mileage with no problems. My last Toyota did the same, three times over. Only that so many people said to me when I bought it “huh, it’s got no power, you can’t travel with it, it’ll be expensive to own …” etc. 

But it meant also that I found myself walking back from the dealership yesterday morning, having dropped it off for service at 7am. Can’t leave the house with a camera in my hand, it seems. And I *almost* made it home with snapping the shutter. When I saw this. And in seeing these yellow leaves floating on their infinity of gray concrete, I saw in my mind the reaches of a vast cliff from which people set sail in their yellow craft to fall and float into the vastnesses below. 

Couldn’t help myself. I finished my walk as I put the camera back in its bag and made breakfast. 

Toyota called ten minutes later to tell me the car was ready to pick up. Did I say good service too? 


Workshops at the Media Center 

The Lightroom workshop this past weekend went well, with three participants and spirited discussion, conversation, from end to end. It’s becoming clear that the sophistication of the Lightroom audience is growing fast … the current eight-nine hours of workshop is now too brief to do the material justice. I’m going to split it into maybe a two or three workshop sequence … Workflow, Image Processing, Exporting and Making Products. 

Coming up next is a workshop I’ve been eager to present for a while: 

Creating B&W Photographs: A Digital Approach

January 23-24, Saturday 3-6pm, Sunday 11-5pm

A two-day hands-on workshop exploring the creation and rendering of black and white photographs using digital means. Learn techniques for shooting with your digital camera as well as how to scan B&W or Color negatives and render them into presentation quality B&W photographs. Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom image processing applications will be used. The class will focus on doing, be prepared to bring your own photographs to work on! 

Offered at the Media Center, 900 San Antonio Road, Palo Alto, California, USA

For more information and registration see the website

Or call Dave Sorokach (650-494-8686) at the Media Center

Or email me directly if you have questions..