It’s that moment again. The first week of a new year. Holidays are over, decorations came down. The list of things to be completed last year is done. The new year’s list begins. And inertia grips the mind and thoughts … the break in routine is done, but it wants to linger. 

I went for a walk this past Sunday morning. I’d been sitting, reading, early on and the sun slipped behind the cloud of fog. Up, up and out. Fast before the fog goes.


It was marvelous out there. The fog, while it lasted, was very chill: I wore hat and gloves, scarf under my jacket. The stillness and quiet of the sunday morning was broken only by the occasional other walker or occasional car cruising slowly along in the mists. 

A sense of distance, of quiet beginnings, of the moment’s pause before the plunge back into activities and doing again. A pause between tick and tock. It’s been three days and I still can’t shake off that brief walk in fog …


But I must. There is work to do, and events to plan, and the year must indeed begin. 

Register for the Lightroom workshop now! There are a few seats available. 

January 9-10 :: Lightroom: Starting In The Middle
(Saturday 3-6pm, Sunday 11-5pm)

A two-session workshop for photographers interested to learn how to use Adobe Lightroom. No prerequisites, some familiarity with Photoshop and image processing can be helpful but isn’t necessary. Lightroom is a image management and processing application that handles the photographic process from camera card to finished products efficiently and effectively … Ideal for everyone from the amateur to the professional photographer. It integrates well with Photoshop users work as well, supplying the image management capabilities that Photoshop lacks. 

The classroom is fully equipped, students are welcome to bring a library of their own work, either on external hard drive or laptop, as well to ensure the workshop is most useful to their needs. 

Offered at the Media Center, 900 San Antonio Road, Palo Alto, California, USA

For more information and registration see the website 

Or call Dave Sorokach (650-494-8686) at the Media Center

Or email me directly if you have questions..