It has been a long and busy year. Here we are again in the thick of the holidays with the coming year beckoning us on, and the past year reminding us of what was and will ever be. 


I propose a toast to the Present! May your glasses ever be half-full, and the Past, whatever it was in passing, be a source of strength to meet the challenge of Future! 

I decided to produce a limited set of cards to mail this year, much more limited than in previous years, in keeping with an atmosphere of necessary thrift and economy. But even though only a few folks received them, I am thinking of you all, of all the friends and family I saw or talked with this past year, or didn’t as chance would have it. Of all the folks I’ve enjoyed doing business with in the past year, or years past. Of all the students who took my workshops, and in workshops I participated in, whose time and participation brought immeasurable joy and fun to our collective endeavors. Thank you all! 

I made nine images into cards as small fine art prints, each is numbered and registered in my records along with who received it, but of course even amongst those who received them most only see one of the set. So I offer them here on-line that all may enjoy them all… 

a slideshow:

or view them individually:

I look forward to next year, whatever it may bring. 
I hope all of you reading this do too. 

Health, prosperity, and joy to you… 
And thanks for being there.