Another from my walk in Mountain View yesterday. 

It’s that dry time of year, when the air tends to be cold and the trees slowly go barren and quiet, waiting for sun to warm them again. Leaves, yellow and red, litter the streets as you walk. The sky is often gray, and the late dawn and early sunset slant the sun through the gray such that you feel you are walking through an all encompassing twilight. 


I listen as I walk. I listen to the sound of people shopping for the holidays to come, to the crunch of twigs and dry leaves underfoot. I imagine when I see these utility covers in the pavement a river running just out of reach, just below the surface, that these cast-offs yearn towards in the dry land of their final resting places.

My Tao Te Ching opens to its last page and a snippet of the final verse stays in my mind …

Verse 81

Heaven gives, 
and all things turn out for the best.

The Sage lives,
and all things go as Tao goes
all things move as the wind blows.