The gingko trees are turning golden, quickly, and they are beginning to shed. Morning sunrise creeps through their soon to be denuded branches again. The air is cold, breath frosts in front of me as I walk, my hood keeps my ears warm but my nose is icy.


Too cold to sit outdoors this morning, my coffee gets cold too quickly. But it gave me the opportunity to chat with a few other regulars in the cafe, hear what people have planned for their holidays tomorrow. And make a few photos indoors. 

The Tao te Ching visited me again this morning: 

Verse 4

Tao is empty
yet it fills every vessel with endless supply 
Tao is hidden
yet it shines in every corner of the universe

With it, the sharp edges become smooth
the twisted knots loosen
the sun is softened by a cloud
the dust settles into place

So deep, so pure, so still
It has been this way forever
You may ask, “Whose child is it?” –
but I cannot say
This child was here before the Great Ancestor.

Funny book. I was thinking of tomorrow, of the turn of the year coming, of friends past and present on holidays like this one. It leads me to think of eternity.

Have a great Thanksgiving Day, all ye Americans around the world!
And have a great Day for all ye others!