The weather’s been cold. Very cold indeed at dawn when my walk begins. I shuffle, stumble a little bit sometimes if I’m not fully awake yet. Had to wear gloves this week. But I will not stop walking, such amazing things appear to me on this three-quarters of a mile walk.


She was out there again that morning, the woman who sleeps in nooks and crannys, by fences of houses in the neighborhood. Every day I see her, almost always down the block pushing a basket of her belongings. I wonder: where is she sleeping in this cold night and morning air? 

I watch the pavement as it passes under my feet. Again, things appear unbidden as I listen to a lecture on Zen Buddhism. I try to capture them, hold them in a brief moment of time and perception, let them expand to an infinity of Present. 


A little book I found at the used bookstore the other day. Had to have it. ZEN in the Art of the Photograph by Robert Leverant. 

“When we are taking a picture, we are taking a picture.”

Keep walking.