Looking through the Trolley Dance 2009 shoot from a couple of weekends back, I find my photos tended to circle around groups of two and three images at a time: they fall naturally into triptych and diptych presentations. This was a fine dance, and interplay of two women and an organ grinder, in very expressive form around the Balboa Park pool house. Wonderful music, marvelous expressions! 


I must do more of these. 

It’s been very busy since I posted last. Two weeks between workshop offerings cuts into available time. I still have seats available for this weekend’s Lightroom workshop … here’s what’s coming up. 


Adobe Lightroom: Starting In The Middle
Instructor is Godfrey DiGiorgi.
A small class focused on your needs and questions. 

A two-session workshop for photographers interested to learn how to use Adobe Lightroom. No prerequisites, some familiarity with Photoshop and image processing workflow is helpful. Students are welcome to bring a library of their own work, either on external hard drive or laptop.

Learn how to transition your work from Photoshop into Lightroom, or start from scratch with Lightroom as the principal tool for your image processing workflow. Explore how to organize your work in order to use the Lightroom Library, Import and image processing tools efficiently. Learn how to integrate with Photoshop seamlessly. Examine and understand the use of templates in the Lightroom modules to make your work faster, easier and more consistent. Learn how to use Export as well as the Slideshow, Printing and Web modules to output finished photographs. There will be time given throughout the session for hands-on and Q&A.

Length: 9 hours
Dates: Sat., Nov. 7, 3 p.m. – 6 p.m., & Sun., Nov. 8, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Class Size:  3 – 8 students
Tuition: $135

Adobe Photoshop for Photographers: A Simple Approach
Lab time throughout to practice techniques.
Instructor is Godfrey DiGiorgi

Learn the best professional software program to process your digital photos straight from your camera or scanner. This two-session workshop focuses on learning how to get the most from just a few of Photoshop’s tools to achieve great results: Levels, Curves, Layers and Masks. In both lecture and lab time, we will examine organizing your files and how to work efficiently. You’ll be introduced to methods and concepts for sharpening and printing. No prior Photoshop experience required. 

Length:    7 hours
Dates:     Thu. & Fri., Dec. 10 & 11, 6:30 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Class size:   3 – 8 students
Tuition:     $130


Registrations must be made, and full payment received, prior to the first day of class. 

Classes will be cancelled if minimum registration requirements are not met.

To sign up – please contact Dave Sorokach at 650 494-8686 ext.10, or dave@midpenmedia.org 

… today for the Lightroom class! 🙂