Sometimes my mind wanders when I am sitting in my quiet office trying to work. At moments like this, I find it is often best to go out, carry my notebook and computer even, and put myself into the midst of the hubbub of a local cafe. Somehow the noise and carryings on of people around me allow me to concentrate better, focus on my reading or my work. 

This was exactly what I saw as I watched this woman and her book. It was on the J-Church MUNI line during the Trolley Dance festival … The trolley was jammed with people, with group leaders talking, with people climbing around and watching the dance exhibitions on the streets we passed through. She never flinched, lived entirely in that world of the book in front of her, and seemed to enjoy the private space it gave her. 



Media Center – Workshops update! 

There’s still time to register for the Photoshop (Oct 26-27) and Lightroom (Nov 7-8) workshops I’m offering at the Media Center. I’ve got a couple of seats left in the Photoshop sessions and am about half full on the Lightroom sessions. I’d love to see you there! See for more info on this blog … 

Or go directly to the Media Center website at for registration.