Going to San Francisco, I often prefer to leave my car at the BART station in Millbrae and ride the train in. Both for reasons of cost … it’s cheaper to pay the train fare than most parking garages nowadays … and just for the photo opportunities that riding the train might provide: street work in and around the platforms, through the window landscape work, etc. 


Going to SF on Sunday the Millbrae trains always detour to San Francisco Airport now and for a moment I had this beautiful view of the parking garage as we passed through. Luckily, I had the camera ready to shoot in my bag, with the 25mm lens fitted, and set to Manual focus. A quick twist of the ring and a snap … and the view was gone. 

I like the way the train passageway frames the parking structure, the glow of the lights reflecting in the window but not overpowering it. The structure soars massive and modern, constrained behind the beams and railings. 

An “over the couch” architectural shot, well maybe for the office wall. 
I have to make a print…