It has been hard to write these last two weeks. My head has been full of too many things to think about, too much stuff to do, too much writing to do outside of photography and journaling. 

I’ve been out walking every morning, though, and collecting photos. This morning as I returned home, I heard a rustle in the trees next to me so I stopped. I looked up. And there I found this fat fellow looking back at me. Not skittering away as they usually do, just looking. I had only a normal lens on the camera and it was still quite dark, but better to try than not to get any picture at all… 


176 – The Observer – Sunnyvale 2009

He was a handsome little guy and darted away around the trunk after three exposures. I guess the shutter broke his cool. 

But the seasons have changed. It’s been cool to cold this past weeks’ mornings. Dark when I leave the apartment; quieter too. And another season’s change is happening: time to think out this blog on a different footing rather than doing it as a day by day ‘whatever comes to mind’ ramble. I have some ideas, it will be fun. 

Thinking, looking for inspiration, I reached for the Tao Te Ching again. My intelligent book fell open to  … 

Verse 35

Hold fast to the Great Form within
and let the world pass as it may
The changes of life will not bring pain
but contentment, joy, and well-being.

Music and sweets are passing pleasures
yet they cause people to stop
How bland and insipid are the things of this world
when one compares them with Tao!
One tastes, but the sweetness turns bitter
One sees, but the colors grow faint
One hears, but the sound fades into silence

One may look for fulfillment in this world
but his longings will never be exhausted
The only thing he ever finds
is that he himself is exhausted.

I hope that squirrel has his winter store of food laid aside.