… I’ve been away for a week or so. Not physically, just mentally. Decided to take a short break as I had another workshop to teach at the Media Center, and I  needed some mind time. Got back today, this evening actually. 

Globe, Sidewalk, Wall & Hedge – San Jose 2009

The workshop was one I’d been hoping to offer for a long time, a workshop on using Adobe Lightroom for those who already had a lot of work in progress, a set way of doing things. It was fun, it was exhausting, it was energizing and a pleasure. There were four student participants in the room, two of whom I’d met last Winter and were fellow participants in the Modern Book Gallery exhibition “FOTO NOVA 19”. It was a pleasure to work with everyone.

Teaching like this, and doing photography, is very much where I want to be. And will be: I’m working with the Media Center to develop a small photography curriculum now. 

That’s enough for the moment, but there should be a few new posts over the next couple of days. Taking a hiatus worked … 

I’m back. And feeling good.