I’m very excited to be teaching another workshop next week at the Media Center in Palo Alto, California. It’s for all users, from beginner on up, with a special focus for people who have a lot of work already and are looking for the best ways to start using Lightroom. 

There are still a few seats available for those who’d like to participate … register soon, before it’s full up! 

Godfrey DiGiorgi


This is a three-session workshop for photographers interested in learning how to use Adobe Lightroom. No prerequisites are required, some familiarity with Photoshop and image processing workflow is helpful. 

“Learn how to transition your work from Photoshop into Lightroom, or start from scratch with Lightroom as the principal tool for your image processing workflow. Examine and understand the use of templates throughout the Lightroom modules to make your work faster, easier and more consistent. Explore how to use Lightroom’s image processing tools in conjunction with Photoshop. Learn how to use Export as well as the Slideshow, Printing and Web modules to output finished photographs. Time will be given, distributed through the session, for hands-on and Q&A.”

Length: 9 hours 
Class size: 3 – 8 
Tuition: $135
September 15-16-17, 7-10 pm

For more information, please contact Godfrey DiGiorgi at: godfrey@gdgphoto.com

To register by making a VISA or Mastercard payment over the phone, please contact Dave Sorokach:

650 494-8686 x10

Midpeninsula Community Media Center
900 San Antonio Road
Palo Alto, CA 94303