Cool again today. It has been for two and some days and nights very warm. This morning as I woke the air smelled fresh and cool again. It was time for my morning walk at six fifteen. Quiet outside.

 As I made my way down the block, a scene caught my attention. I stopped to watch for a few moments. Two large crows walked down the center of the street, side by side. A car was coming. They look at each other, and each walked aside to opposite sides of the road, and stood there. The car drove past. The crows rejoined each other in the center of the road and continued their walking pace.

 A little rustle in the bush to my left. I looked down. There was a squirrel, face peeking out from behind the plants, watching the crows. Its head turned as they walked past, following them, then it turned around and sped through its plant shrouded path to the nearby tree, chittered up the trunk, and onto the telephone wires overhead. The crows looked up as it danced across to the other side, and continued their stately walk.



 Thinking of the Isle of Man this morning as I walked, this little society of creatures having played their moment in my awareness, I recalled a walk I made the second day I was there last year. I’d walked from my friends’ house where I was staying into the village of Ballaugh, bought a sandwich, and then entered the old rail right of way cutting through the countryside parallel to the path of the main road. A short section of it was a small park with grass, hedges, benches and trees. Very quiet. I sat on a bench and ate my lunch, read a book, and listened.

 There wasn’t much to hear … an occasional car, rustling of wind and leaves. Quiet. The day was overcast and gray, cool, threatening a shower. I kept walking the right of way past the park after I rose from the bench. Past the park, on this right of way between farms on either side. Tractors working the fields hidden from direct sight by the hedges. Occasional sounds of someone talking. Birds and small animals, hedgerows and stone walls bordering fields. Contrasts of the man made and the natural. My walk then took me to the road again, and back to where I was staying. It rained on me twice, lightly.

 Quiet, peace as I walked this morning.. not-thinking. Letting consciousness go to perception. After the scene I witnessed…

 Coffee, a bun, the walk home. I went back to photos from that day’s walk in Ballaugh and found these two. I liked them each alone, but they sang to me when I combined them together as a diptych.

 .. I wonder about the society of crow and squirrel.