Went to see the movie Julie & Julia this past weekend, enjoyed it quite a lot. Aside from the occasional dip in the contemporary storyline to cutesyness and the typical Hollywood clichés for sake of box office receipts, I thought it a multi-leveled story with interesting insights to think about. 


Browsing through some of my photos from earlier this year, I saw story lines and ideas arguing with each other, vying for my attention and effort, wanting completion. Places I’ve visited, briefly … like the Chinese camp town of Locke on the Sacramento River Delta that I passed through in March … ideas that need more depth and realization to become what I want them to be. 

This boy in Locke .. He was great. He ran back and forth on Main Street while I was there, as if those puppies on his feet were running wild and he was just riding them. His mom sat in front of one of the shops and watched him zip past again and again. I talked with her a few moments but she was shy of the camera and would not permit me photograph her. She didn’t seem to mind my taking this portrait of the boy, however, when he came and stood for a moment’s pause, studying me, then ran off pell-mell down the street once more. 

Julie & Julia talked to me about the struggles involved with the creative endeavor. It articulated things that were immediately familiar through my own experiences in doing photography: the struggles in finding a voice, setting a goal, the pitfalls of self-doubt and insecurity which battle against self-confidence. Also the great importance of support from an audience, from friends and family, and the happenstance of Luck which help us to work our way through to completing the work, and then continuing on beyond that. 

But most of all it showed the need to be consistent, relentless, to push on despite all else. And to take what comes as a result of that energy, effort and study with objectivity and a critical eye. 

I must return to Locke again. Soon.