I saw this morning that the winning entries from the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk, July 18, 2009 are now posted. Some excellent photos! 


That got me thinking to revisit my other photos from the walk. I was much taken with the Silent Film Museum in Niles, in which they have a wonderful collection of silent film era cameras, projectors and other bric-a-brac of the movie industry from that time. 


Beautiful old piece of equipment that one! 

Speaking of movies, on Saturday evening we went to see the film District 9. I hadn’t heard about this film before, a friend suggested it. Turned out to be quite a stunner: excellent script, well considered and poignant. Science fiction with a social message, the best kind of Science Fiction IMO. From reading about it afterwards, done on a relatively small budget too. Excellent work from Director Neill Blomkamp with a no-stars cast … just great movie making. Bravo! 

I love movies. 

Wandering back through my Niles photos, I found this one too … 


Not a “great” photograph, I don’t think, but I like how the dull surface of the film can captured me in reflection… A self portrait caught in my long-ago fascination with doing film.

Hmm. With all the film cameras enabled to do video as well we’re seeing lately, who knows? I might yet do some motion picture work. It would be fun.