I thought this morning as I walked about the experience of the first workshop session last evening. 


Another early day … I was out walking just as the sun was rising and beginning to clear the clouds. Lighter this morning than yesterday, less humid and faster to become bright. I love the differences of each passing day’s weather.

The workshop last night was thought provoking and very instructive to me personally. I hope it has been the same for the student participants, but I learned long long ago that one never learns as much as a student as one does when attempting to teach. Reminds me of a theorem I had when studying mathematics at UC Santa Cruz … You always learn the class you took before the one you’re taking in the present class. 

The part that really causes the light to shine for me in the context of leading a workshop is the intense desire on the part of the students to figure things out, to learn, to go home with the ability to say “Yes, I can!” and that maybe, just maybe, I can help get them there. Nothing is ever as thrilling as that. 

It was already sunny when I returned home. I made a celebratory omelet for breakfast.