Definitely on a roll thinking about travels … 


Rummaging through some work doing something completely unrelated this morning, I found this photo of a chicken crossing the road in Ballaugh on the Isle of Man. It immediately made me laugh. Why does a chicken cross the road? 

That was a fun trip. A couple of friends from the US were going to the Isle of Man for the first time to watch the TT races in June. I had been to the Isle several times already, but I usually went in late August for the Manx GP races rather than the TT. 

On a whim, I changed my plans and arranged to be there for the TT races as well. I remember conspiring with the folks my US friends were staying with to sneak up on them unannounced in a pub in Ramsey. A good time indeed. I did a lot of photography during that visit to the Isle.

When I’m on the Isle of Man, I stay with my friends who live in a farm cottage outside of Ballaugh. I made the photo while on a morning walk ‘around the block’ through the surrounding farm neighborhood. This famous chicken clucked and watched me carefully as he crossed the road, purposeful and intent on getting to his destination. I still don’t know why … there was nothing there that wasn’t on the side where he started from. 

At least I know why I travel. Sometimes.