Since my re-discovery and realization a month or two back that I had a bunch of old compact cameras and a huge bunch of film for them floating about my apartment, I decided to do this program of ‘shooting a roll of film every week or so’ just for fun. Well, just for fun doesn’t necessarily mean that I am not serious about the endeavor … 😉


This still life/abstract was captured on an early morning walk in mid-July using a Contax Tix. The film used was a seriously overdue Fuji New Reala F100 … expired in October 1999, not refrigerated since then. The film was processed normally and scanned/rendered through a Nikon Coolscan IV and Lightroom 2, my usual workflow for this project. With film like this, I prefer to compose for the whole frame, no cropping, and set the scan to capture a bit of the film rebate, with that natural edge of the processed emulsion showing … an effect very difficult to simulate with image compositing. 

What struck me when I made the exposure was the way the light glancing at a low angle across the grass made it seem like water in motion, the leaves seemed to be moving in concert with the grass’ motion. Yet there was stillness and depth in the details, and the interplay of light and shadow allowed my eyes rest. 

This rendering size is about the smallest that I like the image … the complexity and detailing it really call out for an A3 sized print. 

I hope you enjoy it, and look forward to hearing your comments.